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The Softer Side - Shelburne Fashion Show

Nancy Willett [ July 2003 ]

The Shelburne Fashion Show was a great success! It has come and gone with much planning from all the participants, and I’m sure with many thoughts as to what to wear next year.

Everyone looked wonderful and had lots of fun. The contestants were even more special, with wonderful fresh flower arrangements made by Chris Sears. A delightful addition to all the great outfits. Thank you, Chris for such a nice job!

In addition I have to once again thank Julie Greenia for doing all the announceing, and being a good sport and dressing in costume.

My thanks to each and every contestant for participating and making this the best show possible, and please continue to make those plans for next year. Fashion can take many roads, and we all had lots of fun going down the one that expressed the year of our cars.

The Contestants

Carol Lavallee-First Place-Dressed in an early 1900’s midnight blue satin dress. Black lace bodice enhanced with many tucks, and black lace inset sleeves. Topped off with matching blue straw-hat embellished with toile veil and pearls. Long beads and gloves finish off the outfit.

Christina Brownell-Second Place-1954 “New Look” mid-calf pink and black dress with generous shoulder pads complemented by basic black pumps and straw hat, silk purse, and of course white gloves. Completing the look, a vintage necklace and bracelet of pink coral set in silver.

Louise Chapdelaine and Gerry Boucher-Third Place-Canadian WW2 battledress uniforms. Gerry’s is the uniform and black beret of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers. Louise’s uniform is in memory of her great-uncle who served in the Royal 22nd Regiment and died in Italy in 1943. She is wearing the early style kepi. Gerry is carrying the complete P-37 webbing while Louise has the lighter parade version

Annette Koch-1920’s flapper dress and feathered head band, lots of beads, a lovely lace parasol and silver beaded bag.

Francine Gould-1950’s blue circle felt skirt decorated with a poodle appliqué, twin cashmere sweater set, wide patent leather belt, bobby socks, sneakers and chiffon scarf worn around her neck.

Barbara Evarts-1941 black wool skirt and embroidered silk blouse with jalbot at the neck. Black felt hat, with feather trim and veil. Lined sweater with faux fur coller and rhinestone waist fastener, black tapestry handbag and embroidered black gloves from Paris.

Judy Paradis-1950 sundress of gray and white stripe, white earrings and sunglasses. Topped off with a white silk scarf worn around the head.

Stephanette Smith-1930’s housedress with belt and homemade set of freshwater pearls complete the outfit.

Wendy Trainer-1930’s black lace long sleeve top with georgette netting, satin bow over a black slim skirt. Her hat is black satin with the popular veil of that era. Finished off with vintage earrings.

Jessica Letourneau-1950’s taffeta checked blue and purple dress, short cuffed sleeves, white gloves, pancake style white straw hat, with navy blue band around the edge, and vintage umbrella.

Jim Willett-retro Hawaiian shirt of vibrant colors on a black background in an original 1950’s print. White straw hat with black hatband compliment his causal sport look.

Becky Lamos-1920 afternoon dress of navy blue crepe with beige tucked inset at the neckline, and rick- rack embroidery on the bodice. White gloves and bag completed the outfit.

Terry Ashline-1960’s evening dress, black sleeveless bodice, with very flashy many colored long skirt. Rhinestone jewelry, long white gloves and black plastic purse.

Aryn Lamos-1970’s disco red silk jumpsuit, gathered bodice, rhinestone straps, rhinestone jewelry which belonged to her great grandmother and a silver lace shawl which belonged to her great-great grandmother.

Savannah Trainer and Ben Ashline-1950’s. Savannah’s dress is a pink sheer party dress with matching hat and pink gloves. Ben is wearing rolled jeans, white tee shirt and carries his grandfather’s authentic 1946 Harley Davidson jacket.

The judges were Jan Sanders, Mary Young, and Mev Mahnker. Many thanks for the hard job of picking three winners.

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