Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts Email Auction

Below you will find items identified by lot numbers. If you would like to make a bid simply email, state the lot number and place your bid.

There are no reserves and on the 10th of May the bidding will close. The winning bidders will get an email telling them where, in Milton, Vermont, they can pick up and pay for their items.

See below the listings for last month’s winning bids.

Winning May bids

There were 9 bids this month and lots 5,8 & 9 had no bids

  • Don Rayta won lot 5-2 for $33.17, lot 5-7 for $22.22 and lot 5-6 for $27.37
  • Duane Leach won lot 5-1 for $15.92, lot 5-4 for $12.33 and lot