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Contact Duane & Bob
: 849-6174 (Duane) -- 253-4897 (Bob)
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Wanted…… VAE volunteers to help restore our last two Harley Davidson golf carts. We would like to have them completed for our first “Car Meet”, next year, at Farr Field in Waterbury.
Two members have agreed to work on one, the cart pictured with the steering wheel, a 1969 model. One will work on the mechanics and the frame while the body will be at the 2nd. member’s shop to do the fiberglass and paint work.
A second member-team is needed to work the cart with the tiller steering, it is a 1965 model.
The two teams might have some fun in which cart runs and looks the BEST next August. Just call Duane (849-6174) or Bob (253-4897) for details.
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