Jim Willett – VAE President 2002

Jim Willett 1925 Studebaker
Jim and Nancy with their 1925 Studebaker

President in 2002 – St. Albans, Vermont

Jim has been an old car enthusiast since early teen years, joining VAE in 1994. He became VP in 2001, board chairman in 2003. He owns several cars especially Studebakers from 1925 to 1965. Member of the Model A Ford Club of American for 40 years and the Studebaker’s Drivers Club since 1982.

Jim is seen here with his wife, Nancy, at a non-VAE event in St. Albans after accepting an award for his 1925 Studebaker. Jim and Nancy are residents of St. Ablans and were both members of the 50th Book committee.