Kenneth Gypson – VAE President 1953

Ken Gypson 1936 MG PB
Ken seated in his 36 MGPB, on College St in Burlington, 1952. Photo in front of Burlington Daily News where Ken worked at the time.

President in 1953 – Wyantskill, New York

Before there was any auto club in the Burlington area there were a number of person who took great pleasure in pursuing their interests in sport and antique vehicles.The idea of forming a Vermont Club was the idea of Ken Gypson’s wife, Anne, who conspired to spring the idea on Ken at his birthday party to which his “car friends” were invited.The meeting at which this idea was formalized occurred at the Bristol Inn on January 4, 1953. Ken was elected President and Rod Rice the Vice President.Some years later, after Ken had moved away from the area, the annual fall tour became known as the “Gypson Tour” to commemorate Ken’s interest and work for the VAE.Ken has resided in New York State since 1957. He maintains his membership in the VAE, participates in an occasional VAE tour and provides the trophy for the annual winner of the Gypson Tour.