Donald Brown – VAE President 1963

Don Brown 1914 Model T
Don and Jennie Brown with their 1914 Model T. Photo taken in Catskill, NY at “Old Catskill Days” in July of 1962 where the car received first price for the brass “T” class.

President in 1963 – Williamstown, Vermont

Don, another Model T Advocate, became the proud owner of his 1914 “T” in 1961, two years before being elected President of the VAE. Donald and his wife Jennie have been prominent participants of the VAE since the early days of the club and continue to drive their “T”.

Before the Browns, the car was owned by Ruie DuBois and his wife, Virginia, who were also early active members of the VAE. In the early seventies, the Browns both served as officers of the club in the capacities of Secretary and Treasurer.