Jim McGlaflin – VAE President 1959

Jim McGlaflin 1913 Knox Touring
Jim’s 1913 Knox Touring at an early Stowe Meet.

President in 1959 – Northfield, Vermont

Jim was elected president but resigned shortly thereafter and retired to Florida sometime later. Jim was a mason by trade. He possessed a commanding presence both in terms of physique and the car he is remembered driving.

The car, pictured here, was a 1913 Knox Touring. The Knox had been resurrected from hainv been made into a truck which was a typical fate for the large early cars.

Andy Anderson had owned the car before big Jim and had done a masterful job of recreating the tonneau, allegedly from a pair of Chevrolet fenders.

Jim’s Knox was judged the best car at a joint meet of the VAE and VACM in Morrisville in 1958.

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