Roderick Rice – VAE President 1954, 1955

Rod Rice 1922 Cadillac Touring - The Huntington Cadillac
Rod with his 22 Cadillac Touring, “The Huntington Cadillac”. Photo in Burlington, Sept 1986.

President in 1954 & 1955 – Burlington, Vermont

Probably no one epitomizes the spirit of the VAE more than Rod Rice! One will find mention of him through out the pages of the 40th Anniversary Book because he was, and continues to be, infatuated with the automobile in all its forms.

Rod has owned a most interesting group of automobiles over the years and continues to have a genuine interest and knowledge of vehicles.

VAE members have found Rod’s knowledge invaluable, especially when on a tour and he is able to coax life back into our reluctant vehicle. (You will note that his early automobile experiences trained him well for this role.)

Rod was one of three Presidents of the VAE who held the office for two years in a row.

Rod’s sincere interest in the individual members of the VAE has provided an important, ongoing strength for the club and we hope he’ll be around for many years to come.