Russell Snow – VAE President 1981

President in 1981 – Waterbury Center, Vermont

Russ Snow chaired the Stowe Meet in addition to duties as major-domo of the club during 1981. This was the year that the International Woodies Meet was held in conjunction with the Stowe Meet.

Russ was very diplomatic as well as pragmatic at a time when both attributes were needed to make the hobby as enjoyable as possible to the widest possible group.

Russ had a great appreciation for cars that could be driven with dispatch and still be repaired without depending on, as he once put it, “… a garage full of electronic gadgetry!”

His cars included a 1956 Austin-Healey 100M, LeMans Model and a 1931 Cadillac Close Coupled Sedan which he named “Amazing Grace” because it performed so well.

Russ no longer owns any antique vehicles but keeps his interest alive by maintaining a space at Hershey and we have continued to see him at an occaisional Stowe Meet.