Tom McHugh – VAE President 1974, 1989

Tom McHugh 1936 Oldsmobile
  Tom with his 1936 Oldsmobile just before the Underhill Memorial Day parade in 1991.

President in 1974 & 1989 – Burlington, Vermont

Tom joined the VAE in 1971 and immediately became involved as a member of the activities committee. Tom is the VAE’s flea market specialist having been in charge of the Stowe and Essex flea markets since both began.

Tom is no doubt one of the unsung heroes of the VAE given the fact that he has managed over 40 flea markets which have grown to be significant events in themselves.

Tom’s antique auto interest is Oldsmobiles of the mid thirties and he drives a nice original 1936 sedan today but was driving a 1930 Buick when he was president in 1974.

Tom served as President once before in 1974, and has been “Mr. Flea Market” ever since there has been a flea market at Stowe and Essex.

He has also chaired the Essex Show and served as an invaluable advisor to countless Essex committeees.

When one looks at long term commitment to the VAE it is hard to beat Tom’s record of literally thousands of hours of work in organizing and managing all the “fleas” over the last 30 years. When Tom has time left he drives a nicely maintained, original 1936 Oldsmobile Sedan to club events and tours.

Tom deserves special credit for his continued dedication to an element of both shows, the flea market, which provides a great service to the antique car collector and enthusiast by bringing together vendors of a diverse and interesting array of items.

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