William G. Dexter- VAE President 1990

Bill and Mary Jane Dexter
Bill and Mary Jane Dexter on the Bicentennial Tour in Beebe Plain, Quebec – 1991.

President in 1990 – Wolcott, Vermont

Bill Dexter was an extraordinary person, as all who knew him know! He never faltered at a challenge, be it retrieving a Ford from a great distance or taking on the Presidency of the VAE with the energy of a much younger man.

He was the supreme tour organizer with his companion and wife, Mary Jane at his side. He was a promoter in the best sense of the word!

He seemed to know instinctively what should or should not be done to make something happen and always without placing himself at the center of the event. In Bill’s quiet way, he set the cross bar a little higher for the rest of us.

His love of Fords and Woodies is legendary. In retirement he made West Hill Clocks his vocation so that he was in constant touch with antique car folks.

His and Mary Jane’s efforts in organizing the 1991 Bicentiennial Tour of Vermont will always be remembered with gratitude by those who participated as well as those who were on the many “Woodie Tours” they organized.

Bill Dexter gave himself to life and life for him held a large measure of love for antique cars and the people who drove them. What a guy!

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