Yellow(ed) Pages

The VAE Yellow(ed) Pages are intended to provide a reputable list of vendors we members can go to when we need parts or work done on our old vehicles. Many of these vendors and shops have been used by VAE members. If the member agrees, their name will be added after the listing in italics and in parenthesis. This simply means they have used the vendor and would not mind a call from you if you have a question.

Every month from now on Wheel Tracks will be collecting listings from you and building (we hope) hundreds for our VAE Yellow(ed) Pages on our website… How many times have you tried to remember who told you about that carburetor rebuilder they used now that you need one yourself? How about that place where you can get “slotted screws” without having to pay a fortune? If you read about or drive by a shop or a vendor that you would like to try, what is the first thing that comes to mind… Yup you have it… “I wonder if they are any good and can I afford them”? Hopefully the VAE Yellow(ed) Pages can help, because for as many of the listings as possible we will get the VAE member’s permission to add their name if the member has used the service. The member’s name will be in (italics and in parenthesis) at the end of the listing. Now you have someone in the VAE Family to call and get straight answers before you make an investment.

So… please send Wheel Tracks listings of the “shops and vendors” you have done business with… the ones you trust. Send them to or give Gary a list when you see him at a meeting… Snail mail is OK also. We need… THE CATEGORY… THE NAME… THE ADDRESS… THE PHONE NUMBER… Your name.