Bill Erskine – VAE President 1998

Bill Erksine in 1910 Sears.
Bill Erksine 1910 Sears car

President in 1998 – Williston, Vermont

Bill likes the very old, such as the International that he brought home that was referred to by a friend as a place where a truck used to be. He is well known for his 1910 Sears high wheeler that has participated in several reenactments….

In the first, at the 2001 and 2002 Shelburne shows, the car was shipped in a crate to the railroad station at the Shelburne Museum and had to be assembled before he drove it away.

In 2003 the car reenacted as a 1903 Winton and Bill played Sewell Crocker, the mechanic of Colonel Jackson, who was the first man to successfully drive all the way across the US.

Bill was active in the Essex show and has been instrumental in managing the Shelburne show as chairman and co-chairman. With his innovative ideas he has worked out issues with the Shelburne Museum so things are are satisfactory to all. He has hosted most of the Shelburne committee meetings at his house since 1995.