Gevevieve Morgan – VAE President 1979

President in 1979 – Essex Junction, Vermont

Gen became the first woman president of the VAE after serving in several other capacities in the club. The Champlain Valley Antique and Classic Car Show owed its creation largely to Gen’s efforts and faith that this event could be successful.

Like many enthusiasts, Gen has an eclectic taste in antique cars! She owns a beautifully restored 1912 Model T Ford Torpedo Roadster, a nice original 1931 Cadillac Club Sedan and a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

The Torpedo was purchased from Earl Cross of Underhill in 1960 and is authentically restored with all the “Brass”!

Gen continues to be an active member and enjoys the club’s tours. She participated in the 1991 Bicentennial Tour in her Cadillac, which she characterized as the “highlight” of the season.

Mark your calendars! The Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet is August 9-11, 2024!