Robert “Bob” Jones – VAE President 1960, 1993

Bob Jones 1929 Buick Master 6 Sport Roadster
Bob and Amy Jones in their 1929 Buick Master 6 Sport Roadster.

President in 1960 – Morrisville, Vermont

Bob was elected President for the first time in 1960. The son of Walter D. Jones who served as President in 56 & 57, Bob came by his interest in antique cars quite naturally.

His recollections of some of his early escapades in pursuit of this interest make good reading in recent years as published in Wheel Tracks.

Having served a hitch in the Navy, Bob returned to Vermont in 1957 and became immersed in the VAE’s activity, serving on the Program committee with Donald Havens.

Bob had an interesting collection of Buicks as well as his dad’s favorite Model T Roadster and the family’s 1934 Plymouth sedan which was in fine original condition.

President in 1993 – Morrisville, Vermont

Bob Jones  at VAE's 1993 Mothball Tour
Bob at VAE’s April 1993 “Mothball Tour”.

Bob became president for the 2nd time, 34 years after serving in the same capacity in 1960.

In recent years Bob had taken on the challenge of Chief Judge at the Stowe Meet and acquainted members of the VAE with his automobile expertise throught the pages of Wheel Tracks.

His approach to the Presidency was not without good humomr. Being put off by the possible need to utilize Robert’s Rules of Order, Bob suggested he didn’t know them from Julia Roberts, Oral Roberts, Mr. Roberts (aka Henry Fonda) or anyone else named Roberts!

As his goals, Bob said “I find that things go smoother when Presidents do nothing. This is true right up to the national level.”