Walter D. Jones – VAE President 1956, 1957

Walter D. Jones 1929 PI Rolls Royce
Walter shown here in his 1929 PI Rolls Royce. Photo taken in front of the Windridge Farms Dairy Kitchen in Jeffersonville, a common meeting place for the VAE in early days.

President in 1956 & 1957 – Morrisville, Vermont

Walter Jones, father of Bob Jones, was a charter member of the VAE serving on its first Board of Directors in 1954 and as Vice President in 1955.

Walter’s favorite cars, it is said, were his 1929 PI Rolls Royce and his 1924 Model T Ford Roadster. He was a jeweler by trade and had a fascination and talent for mechanical devices of all sorts – perhaps explaining his appreciation for two automobiles so diverse in concept and execution.

Walter dedicated a great deal of time to the club’s functions and was much revered by the members. His untimely death, while he was serving his second term in office, was a great shock to the members of the VAE who had come appreciate this wonderful gentleman who loved old cars and the people who drove them.

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