Absent any questions this month, I will briefly discuss some cars in my shop this month. Both of my sons now have cars. I wanted their first cars to be something durable, safe and inexpensive. Somehow, each of them ended up with a Saab 900 four door. 

When I learned how to drive, people maintained their own cars. Times have changed. Today, people don’t work on cars; they either take it to someone to have it repaired, or they replace it with another car needing less work. 

My older son has a strong interest in cars, and has a nice 900 Turbo. It needed some work when we got it, and while fixing it he was able to learn some basics on how things work and how to maintain a car. My younger son was just looking for basic transportation, and he found it with a base model 900 with an automatic transmission. This car needed a lot of work, and he and I have been working on it for the past year or so. This car was not really worth saving, but was almost too good to scrap. 

These projects are teaching basic auto mechanic skills, like brakes, suspension, electrical and exhaust and also more advanced body work skills with rust and dent repair and painting. They will not only learn skills to maintain a car, but also will have some personal investment in their cars. 

These projects also provide an opportunity to spend time with them. Cars come and go, but quality memories last a lifetime. 


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  1. Larry Finley

    Thank you, sir. I had a 1987 Saab turbo. I really enjoyed it. I bought it with 147,000 miles on it, a one owner car(11 years) by a lady in Austin, Tx. I did replace some compenents, just because I wanted. An excellent machine. Safe, fun to drive. First became aware of Saabs in 1966, had weekend liberty while in infantry training at Camp Pendleton, Ca. I took the city bus into town, got off at a Saab dealer in Oceanside, Ca., saw the Saabs, love at first sight. Thirty-four years later, aftering from U.S. Marine Corps, bought my well used Sàab 900 Turbo. Best car I ever owned. Vaya Con Dios. L.W. Finley, USMC; Ret.

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