Spring Cleaning

Did you ever sit down to a blank piece of paper, and have your mind go as blank as that piece of paper? It seems for some reason that I’m finding it harder to come up with a new clothing subject this month. Could it be that spring is around the corner, and all I can think about is getting the cars out and doing some spit and polishing! I guess I could say the same thing for the outfits too… the need to get them out, and look them over.

I did take time the other day to clean a couple of closets. Might just as well, the snow didn’t look very inviting to do gardening. Pushing things around in the closet, I came across last year’s vintage outfits. Everyone who wore something to the fashion show looked splendid, and it’s really hard to say what was the best outfit. Every outfit is the best and the folks that participate are the best for helping put on a fun show. Last year at Shelburne, we had a few more participants and a few more spectators. I think the interest is there, but folks are not quite sure if what they have is what they should be showing off. It really doesn’t matter if it is a day dress or an evening gown.

Even if you don’t have the complete outfit, it’s still all right to participate. Please come and show us that hat or pair of shoes. Lot’s of time, when looking for items, I have found hats that are just out of this world, and think that just maybe someone would like to see the hat instead of a complete outfit. It’s not so much the winning as it is to show the styles that were worn back when. Now I know that some of you gentlemen out there are just dying to show us a fancy tie or spectator shoes or a shirt that was worn by former family members, and we would love to see them. Maybe there is a fun story that goes along with the article of clothing that you can share with all of us. A couple of years ago Gene Fodor gave us a wonderful rendition of his British Army uniform. Come join us and have some fun with the rest of our club members.

Shelburne’s show this year is going to be held in the courtyard of the Diamond barn, unless the weather is not good and if it isn’t, we will revert back to the “Ti”. Some of the participants expressed a desire to show a couple of outfits, and there really isn’t a sufficient place to change quickly on the Ticonderoga. Also, this year, are some new changes in store for the Stowe fashion show, so I hope that all of you are going to start getting those vintage articles of clothing together for a spectacular event. Jan Sander does a great job with the Stowe fashion show, and is to be commended for her dedication. But, she also needs your help in participation. Please come!

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