Vermont Antique & Classic Car Show Judging & Classes (2021)

2021 Class Judging

2021 Classes

1Senior Vehiclesthru 1996
2Brass Era carsthru 1916
3Full Classics per CCCA1925-1948
4All cars except Ford1917-1931
5Ford Model T’s including pickups1917-1927
6Ford Model A’s including pickups1928-1931
7Ford and Mercury cars1932-1942
8Ford and Mercury cars except T-Bird1946-1965
9Ford and Mercury cars except T-Bird1966-1996
10All cars except Ford and Mercury1932-1942
11All cars except Ford, Mercury and Chevrolet1946-1960
12All cars except Ford, Mercury and Chevrolet1961-1970
13All cars except Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet and Firebird1971-1996
14Chevrolet cars except Corvette1946-1960
15Chevrolet cars except Corvette and Camaro1961-1996
16Ford Mustang1965-1996
17Chevrolet Corvette1953-1996
18Ford Thunderbird1955-1996
19Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird1967-1996
20Un-restored vehicles-100% original except wear itemsthru 1975
21Un-restored vehicles-100% original except wear items1976-1996
22Foreign cars except sports carsthru 1970
23Foreign cars except sports cars1971-1996
24Foreign sports cars except Britishthru 1996
25British sports carsthru 1996
26Sport Utility Vehicles – including Jeepthru 1996
27Personalized stock – participant judged1949-1996
28Performance cars per AACA1955-1972
29Street rodsthru 1948
30Pickups and commercial vehiclesthru 1996
31Emergency vehiclesthru 1996
32Military vehicles – 3/4 ton and lessthru 1996
33Military vehicles – over 3/4 tonthru 1996
34Motorcyclesthru 1996
35Race cars – display onlythru 1996
36Tractors – display onlythru 1996

The standard for judging all vehicles, (except Personalized Stock and Street Rods) is: The condition of vehicle when delivered to the dealer by the manufacturer.

The Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet will be located on Farr Field 1901 US Rte. 2 Waterbury, Vermont 05676, west of Waterbury village.

For car show info contact Chris 802-223-3104 or