Vermont Antique & Classic Car Show Classes (2021)

1Senior Vehiclesthru 1996
2Brass Era carsthru 1916
3Full Classics per CCCA1925-1948
4All cars except Ford1917-1931
5Ford Model T’s including pickups1917-1927
6Ford Model A’s including pickups1928-1931
7Ford and Mercury cars1932-1942
8Ford and Mercury cars except T-Bird1946-1965
9Ford and Mercury cars except T-Bird1966-1996
10All cars except Ford and Mercury1932-1942
11All cars except Ford, Mercury and Chevrolet1946-1960
12All cars except Ford, Mercury and Chevrolet1961-1970
13All cars except Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet and Firebird1971-1996
14Chevrolet cars except Corvette1946-1960
15Chevrolet cars except Corvette and Camaro1961-1996
16Ford Mustang1965-1996
17Chevrolet Corvette1953-1996
18Ford Thunderbird1955-1996
19Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird1967-1996
20Un-restored vehicles-100% original except wear items.thru 1975
21Un-restored vehicles-100% original except wear items1976-1996
22Foreign cars except sports carsthru 1970
23Foreign cars except sports cars1971-1996
24Foreign sports cars except Britishthru 1996
25British sports carsthru 1996
26Sport Utility Vehicles – including Jeepthru 1996
27Personalized stock – participant judged1949-1996
28Performance cars per AACA1955-1972
29Street rodsthru 1948
30Pickups and commercial vehiclesthru 1996
31Emergency vehiclesthru 1996
32Military vehicles – 3/4 ton and lessthru 1996
33Military vehicles – over 3/4 tonthru 1996
34Motorcyclesthru 1996
35Race cars – display onlythru 1996
37Tractors – display onlythru 1996

Put the 13th, 14th and 15th of August 2021 on your calendar. Bigger and Better will be our 2021 theme and we’re hard at work to make it a reality.

The Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet will be located on Farr Field 1901 US Rte. 2 Waterbury, Vermont 05676, west of Waterbury village.