Rodney Dolliver – VAE President 1975

President in 1975 – Charlotte, Vermont

In 1975 the Lincoln Inn in Essex Junction was a popular place for the VAE to gather for its meetings. The new president of the club, Rod, thanked those that had attended the Feb 1st meeting for their support in helping get the year off to a good start and encouraged all to get involved with the activities. Rod has always been and remains today a great VAE “booster”.

Rod and his wife Jean enjoy nothing more than touring in one of their antique cars of which there have been several.

Most notable have been their 1931 Model A Coach, the 1952 Humber Super Snipe and most recently the 1941 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan in which they ran the VAE Bicentennial Tour in 1991.

Rod has served recently on the Board of Directors and he and Jean have assisted Tom McHugh with the Stowe flea market for many years.

Mark your calendars! The Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet is August 9-11, 2024!